Abacus Payroll

This unique payroll solution has been identified as one of the most comprehensive payroll solutions in the market. The intuitive, easy to use, setup and exceptional functionality makes it ideal for any type or size of business.

Abacus Payroll Software is unique in setup and functionality as most functionality and submissions is done online – while the core payroll functionality is desktop based giving you full control of your data at all times.

All statutory calculations are already built into the system thus eliminating the need of costly setup procedures while training to effectively use the payroll only takes a day.

The core principles that applied in the development of the software relate to ease of use, accuracy and speed. The functionality has been developed in conjunction with our clients during the past five years to ensure we address the real headaches in the market.

Abacus is a full and comprehensive payroll software that caters for all the payroll needs for the employer:
  • All types of payment frequency on one system (Hourly, Daily, Shifts, Fortnightly, Monthly).
  • Setup of system easy (no consultant necessary).
  • Data can be imported – company and employees (Excel)
  • Import variables – no recapture of data required – limit finger trouble
  • Creates all reports that is required (Employer, Employee, SARS, UIF, Payment,
  • System handles annual leave and the accrual thereof.
  • Easy to Learn – no previous payroll experience necessary / to run standard payroll approx. 2.5 hours training / Advanced usually 1 day.
  • Cost saving and salary EFT – standard banking rate between R7.00 and R 19.00 per payment (with our system – R4.17 and next day release irrespective of bank of employee)
  • Payroll history available (payslips & reports) without having to restore databases
  • All calculations already built-in and directly links to SARS codes
  • Built-in help files and HOW DO I module.
  • General Ledger, OID, ETI).
  • System is used by small to large businesses
  • Can take system back to beginning of financial year to ensure IRP5 / UIF submissions correct.
  • Hassle free with dedicated call center for support.
  • Print payslips on formal payslip paper, standard A4 paper, email bulk, email to employee and SMS payslips.
More efficient services
  • Can decide if want to calculate payroll according to Basic Salary or Cost to Company calculations.
  • etup of system according to company structure (departments / Cost Centres)
  • Travel allowance calculator
  • Auto allocation of taxable portion on reimburse trave
  • Fund contributions Company and Employees own
  • Medical Tax credits on monthly basis
  • Loan / garnishee management (multiple)
  • Tax Averaging (averages tax over financial year)
  • Do Global increases
  • Auto calculate taxable benefit on loans
  • Calculate taxable benefit on use of company vehicles
  • Calculate Bargaining Council / Trade Union contributions
  • 13th Cheque tax monthly allocation
  • Import T&A data