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FIHRSTslip SMS Payslip

Employers looking for ways to improve their ‘green’ credentials and simultaneously reduce costs, can achieve this by implementing FIHRSTslip a mobile payslip containing either basic information which employees check when reviewing their payslips or their full payslip.

FIHRSTslip allows for a cost effective method of distributing payslips over a large geographical area by replacing paper based payslips with an electronic version of their payslip, Employees are not required to have special a featured phone to receive and query their payslips. FIHRSTslip is convenient, immediate, and reliable and works on all phones.

Apart from payslip delivery, the built in payslip query functionality allows for payslip queries via SMS to a designated point at the employers payroll department.

Advantages of FIHRSTslip


  • No need to purchase special confidential payslips
  • Removes the cost of printing payslips
  • Removes courier and administration costs
  • Instant delivery of employees payslip
  • Environmentally friendly method of communicating with employees
  • Works on all mobile phone
  • No App to be installed
  • No downloading of software


FIHRSTslip options

  • Full mobile payslip: Contains all the information on the XML payslip file uploaded and can be customised to Employer specifications.
  • Added functionality is the built in payslip query functionality which allows for payslip queries via SMS to a designated point at the employers payroll department.
  • Delivery and read receipt reporting is optional extra.
  • Abbreviated mobile payslip: Contains basic payslip information and is not customisable.
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