inspect • control • rectify • comply

CHEKKIT is developed in South Africa. Key personnel have a long track record of developing new technologies for businesses both in small companies and in large multinationals. Our mission is to help organizations answer their most important questions with efficient data collection and analytics.

CHEKKIT is the most flexible and cost effective audit and inspection management solution available.
The only limit is your imagination.

Automate audit and inspection data collection, management and reporting to reduce risk and cost. Mobile data collection and reporting made easy. Capture and manage data from the field then share and analyse it in real time across your organisation, for fast and accurate decisions.

CHEKKIT solves three universal problems

  • Availability of real-time, reliable and accurate data from the field is a critical factor in planning and decision-making and risk management.
  • Mobilisation of your personnel with real-time information to enhance productivity and compliance.
  • Total control over the inspection process as well as a global overview of your inspection status
  • CHEKKIT allows you to easily setup you inspection no matter how complex it may be.

  • With CHEKKIT, your audit and inspection data is instantly available for companywide reporting and analysis.
  • CHEKKIT has an action management tool for tracking and closure of corrective actions identified in the audit process. Our powerful escalation feature ensures that non-conformances are timeously addressed thereby putting you in total control.
  • CHEKKIT ensures that non-conformances are rectified and not swept under the carpet as the originator of the non-conformance is the only person able to close the non-conformance giving you peace of mind.

CHEKKIT is ideal for managing data and the corrective actions from any audit or inspection process including:

  1. Workplace safety audits
  2. Environmental & health & safety assessments
  3. Quality audits
  4. Building Inspections
  5. Vehicle inspections
  6. Incident reporting
  7. And many more!

“It is so flexible you can use your browser, smartphones and tablets to collect audit data.”

Key Features

  1. A web based solution for any audit or inspection based management program
  2. Checklist data entry from, browser, iOS and Android apps
  3. On and offline data capture
  4. QR, Barcode and License Disc Scanning

Allows for:

  • Electronic signatures
  • Photographs
  • Video recording
  • QR or barcode scanning
  • Vehicle license disk scanning
  • Action management tool for managing issues and associated corrective actions
  • Configurable rules engine for action notifications, checklist answer alerts and reminders as well as escalations.
  • Instant, powerful and flexible reporting by site, business unit or corporate-wide
  • Full online access to all data and analytics with standard and custom reporting
  • Analyse and report data online or export to PDF, Excel, CSV, and JPEG formats
  • Easily attach photos or videos to observations, inspections, and assessments completed by browser or app
  • Integrates with other ERP, HR, EHS solutions if needed
  • Allows for geotagged data in real-time.
  • Incident reporting

Data analytics with charts and images

Data analytics is a key part of any data collection process. Without the correct tools, you are easily stuck with a large chunk of numbers, words and perhaps some images. With mobile data collection, we already have the possibility to collect and share data faster than ever between the field teams, decision makers and other stakeholders. What we truly need is a solution to produce and share key insight. An intelligent system where your own people not only collect data but also find and share the key information you need to react swiftly.

CHEKKIT has 4 key tools to help you analyse field data: map, table, images and charts. These tools cover 4 very important parts of data:

  1. Geography
  2. Numerical and text data
  3. Visual information
  4. Patterns and trends.

You can Report Incidents whilst on a walk about as well as take a picture. Upon saving the incident the geo-location will automatically be recorded resulting in 100% traceability.

Real time data analysis with Pie and Bar charts are available. Create charts based on your organizations own hierarchy and visualize differences between branches. Drill down into details by filtering further based on users and dates.
Charts will not only help users to find patterns and visualize trends but also gives the ability to share this understanding. This enables an extremely fast way to share timely key metrics data with stakeholders.

CHEKKIT by Industry

  1. Agriculture, Mining & Aggregates
  2. Consumer Products
  3. Construction & Engineering
  4. Educational Institutions
  5. Food Production & Distribution
  6. Forestry & Paper Products
  7. Electronics & Semiconductors
  8. Energy, Utilities, Oil & Gas
  9. Government
  10. Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  11. Insurance
  12. Manufacturing
  13. Transportation & Maritime
  14. Facilities management
  15. Property rentals

At CHEKKIT, data security is our primary concern

At CHEKKIT, the trust and confidence clients have in our data security measures is our primary concern. This trust and confidence is earned through a dedication to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of client data.

As a cloud-based business, data security is the bedrock of our business and to ensure we meet the highest data security standards, CHEKKIT have partnered with reputable ISP’s whose infrastructure is designed and managed according to security best practices as well as a variety of security compliance standards.

Furthermore, CHEKKIT makes use of third party providers to conduct background checks on all potential employees and these checks include but are not limited to verifying CV content, qualifications, driver’s licenses, criminal records as well as character reference checks.

As a CHEKKIT client, you can be assured that your data is protected by some of the most secure computing infrastructures in the world.