Abacus Teamhub Leave Management Module

In the South African landscape, business leaders often underestimate the impact absenteeism can have on their workforce productivity and how poor leave management can severely impact business deliverables. Abacus’ new leave management solution now enables you to drive your business forward and control the availability of sufficient staff.

Our leave management solution facilitates the total leave process while our extensive reporting function makes it easy to identify trends and project leave liability.

Managing leave has never been easier:
  • Employees can easily access a self-service portal via any smartphone or connected device wherein they can request leaves and access leave benefits. Managers can view and approve leave requests in real time.
  • With our system, leave types and leave policies can be easily configured in accordance with your business requirements enabling you to effectively manage your workforce and accelerate your company growth. The Leave policies can also be adjusted at a group or individual level.
  • Managers can see who in their team has applied for leave before approving or declining a leave application. The system also enables management to block off leave applications during a critical period.
  • Public Holidays are automatically accounted for in the system.
  • The system is flexible enough to be used as a strategic staff retention tool enabling you to increase leave days with years of service or awarding bonus leave.
  • Sick leave trend reports can highlight problem areas and dramatically reduce unscheduled leave and identify sick leave abuse. Employees can also easily attach sick leave notes for better sick leave management.
  • An audit trail records exactly how balances were calculated to prevent any disputes.

Abacus leave is quick to implement, and training can be provided by our team of professionals, either at your premises or in the cloud. For R20 per month per employee, no company can afford not to use the Abacus Leave Management Solution.

  • On demand
    Zero deployments or setup on your side resulting in an instant integrated solution.
  • Employee File

    Full employee details are maintained in one place, including custom notes per employee.

  • Real time overview

    Management can now have a real-time overview of your available resources over any given period.

  • Compliance aligned

    Manage leave in accordance with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

  • On behalf of functionality

    Admin users can book, review and override leave on behalf of other users

  • Virtual Employee support
    We support “virtual” employees. Suited for non-office staff with no email access.
  • Integrates into Abacus Payroll
    Integrate directly into Abacus Payroll Software to ensure you don’t need to double capture data. New employee data directly uploaded into the Leave Module when captured in Abacus.
  • Google Calendar API integration
    Google calendar integration enables you to see scheduled leave in your Google calendar.
  • Reporting
    Monitor attendance with full reporting and auditing of transactions.
  • Cloud-based solution
    Secure and always available. No more spreadsheets or paper trail.
  • Mobile friendly
    Mobile ready and battle tested. Perfect for distributed and on-the-go employees.
  • Customizable User Interface
    Change the user interface colours and branding as per your business style guide.
  • Policy
    Enforce leave limits, forfeiture, and company policy while reducing your liability.