We offer standard rates for Remote support, complete solution rates for break fix scenarios. We also offer an IT Techie for the day to do your backups, general security and other important IT maintenance at your premises. Our payment options are PAYFAST or EFT, no need to have cash at hand when you make a call to us!

Whether you are at home working, or have a small to medium business, your IT is just as important as the large corporate company to us’.  We will get your IT working for you, so you can focus on your core business.


We are passionate about technology; we love a technical challenge!  Our techies are connected to many other knowledgably and skilled resources in many different IT fields. Our techies will also give you professional advice for free on site if he notices any IT related concerns on site.


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Your HR Solution Warehouse & the Best HR Tools in and around South Africa.

Sucaba Global is the culmination of all HR related services required by any business specifically designed for the South African HR Market. These services have been integrated to provide the user with a unique solution that gives real practical and cost effective solutions to those everyday HR nightmares.

HR Software

Our HR Solution is a leading Human Resources Management System developed, distributed and supported in South Africa. The system is packed with features, including but not limited to…

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Leave Management

One of the biggest risks in the South African business environment can today be attributed to employee absenteeism, with especially sick leave being abused. With this in mind, Abacus introduces the online Leave Management Solution that brings control and management back into the business.

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Time and Attendance

When you’re searching for ways to improve your company’s efficiency and lower costs it’s easy to overlook everyday functions like global time and attendance tracking. On the surface, tracking employee vacation, sick leave and other time-related data doesn’t seem to offer a lot of strategic value. Yet labour management is one area of global human capital management that, when monitored and managed can have a major impact on your business.

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SMS Payslip

FIHRSTslip allows for a cost effective method of distributing payslips over a large geographical area by replacing paper based payslips with an electronic version of their payslip, Employees are not required to have special a featured phone to receive and query their payslips. FIHRSTslip is convenient, immediate, and reliable and works on all phones.

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CHEKKIT is developed in South Africa. Key personnel have a long track record of developing new technologies for businesses both in small companies and in large multinationals. Our mission is to help organizations answer their most important questions with efficient data collection and analytics.

CHEKKIT is the most flexible and cost effective audit and inspection management solution available.
The only limit is your imagination.

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Abacus Payroll

This unique payroll solution has been identified as one of the most comprehensive payroll solutions in the market. The intuitive, easy to use, setup and exceptional functionality makes it ideal for any type or size of business.

Abacus Payroll Software is unique in setup and functionality as most functionality and submissions is done online – while the core payroll functionality is desktop based giving you full control of your data at all times.

All statutory calculations are already built into the system thus eliminating the need of costly setup procedures while training to effectively use the payroll only takes a day.

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Garnishee Audit Service

What this essentially means is that the employee is in effect replaced by his employer who now becomes obliged to pay to the judgement creditor a determined amount (on the terms as set out in the court order) until such time as the judgement debt and costs of such order are settled in full.

With garnishees being in the news the past few years, protecting the employee has become paramount in our vision of providing the garnishee audit service.

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Payroll Outsource Services

The complexities and costs involved in effectively managing a payroll, merit consideration to outsource payroll administration. For businesses, it is however crucial to ensure that the service provider has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all Tax and Compliance requirements and implications.

Sucaba Global achieved this experience while developing our Payroll software solution and the expertise has been transferred to us outsource department. One of the key focus areas of Abacus Outsource Solution is to ensure compliance on all relevant aspects of workforce administration and compensation, while at the same time optimising the tax benefits available to both employer and employee.

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Designed for the South African HR Market

Developed, distributed and supported in South Africa